Animal. Quality by Provilan.

Microbiological coat care.

Autoactive microorganisms are the secret of our products. Small microbes are the key to the ingenious effects. Just like in nature, they ensure a microbiological balance in your pet's fur and skin. Without needing the classic, chemical substances. Without them becoming resistant or multi-resistant to bacteria. Autoactive microorganisms work sustainably, ecologically and absolutely environmentally friendly.

This power of nature is in every Animal bottle. Our special microbes are waiting to better protect your pet. You can easily use them:

Animal. Microbiological coat care.

Animal Shampoo

ensures microbiological care of the fur, hair and skin. It is pH neutral, suitable for all coat types and contains no parabens or aluminium. Animal Shampoo gently cleanses and, like our hygiene products, your pet's skin flora is optimized and restored. The autoactive microorganisms contained in Animal Shampoo can reduce skin irritation, itching or unpleasant odors within a short period of time.


Please moisten your pet's fur well with lukewarm water. Apply Animal Shampoo sparingly and rub in gently. Leave on for about 5 minutes and then rinse the coat well with lukewarm water. Each additional coat wash stabilizes the microbiological balance on your pet's skin.

Animal Shampoo