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We explain our autoactive microorganisms to you.

What are autoactive microorganisms?

As autoactive microorganisms, we refer to viable probiotics (bacteria) that have a positive effect on health. Microorganisms are microscopic creatures that cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, they have the ability to survive, reproduce and colonize their environment independently or by working together. Microbes always aim to survive as long as possible. They find the energy they need when "healthy" living conditions are in place. That is, as long as the temperature, humidity, and food reserves are optimal for them.

Simply put, there are two types of microbes:

  1. Pathogenic bacteria that can make animals and humans sick, and
  2. health-promoting microorganisms (probiotics) that are important for us and our animals and support the immune system.
What microorganisms do Animal products contain?

Our Animal products contain probiotics from the Bacillus genus. These are rod-shaped microorganisms (or "healthy" bacteria) that basically need oxygen (aerobic conditions) to reproduce and colonize their environment. More than 200 species are already known today. However, for our animal products, the Probiotic Group Luxembourg only uses the strains that have received QPS status from the EFSA as a label for harmless microorganisms.

QPS (Qualified Presumption of Safety) stands for a procedure for the safety assessment of the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) with regard to microorganisms that can be used in food.

How do microorganisms work?

Whenever you use Animal, you spray or spread our microorganisms along with a biomass. The microbes come into contact with the oxygen molecules in the air. They use these aerobic (oxygen-rich) conditions immediately and become active automatically.

Our microorganisms are starting to work:

  • They feed on organic debris or the biomass from the Animal bottle until it's all gone.
  • They multiply and thus spread further and further. They gradually colonize the entire area that you have sprayed with Animal Clean, for example.
  • By colonizing them, they form a completely natural, biological protective film in which pathogenic bacteria have no chance. The bacteria are simply displaced, even if they are resistant or multi-resistant. This works everywhere. On surfaces, on the skin and even in the fur.
  • If there are enough nutrients, our microorganisms remain active for many hours to several days. With each new Animal application you help them, because with the biomass you deliver new nutrients again.
Are the autoactive microbes safe?

The microorganisms contained in Animal are all QPS certified (Qualified Presumption of Safety), approved by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and belong to risk group 1 of EU Directive 2000/54 /EG.

In addition, all microbes contained in the products manufactured by Probiotic Group undergo DNA extraction. This means that the genome is also read. This research ensures that the microorganisms used do not contain any pathogenic genes, are not resistant to antibiotics and cannot transfer any resistance genes to other microbes (bacteria).

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