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Why use detergents with probiotics instead of disinfectants?

It is a different principle and subject to different legislation. Here is a description of the differences between the two cleaning methods:

1. Some surfaces need to be sterile. In this application, a disinfectant will destroy all germs, i.e. bacteria, viruses and fungi on the surface. Disinfectants are subject to the European Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012 on biocidal products.

2. In most cases, however, disinfection is not necessary. There is classic cleaning, mostly with the help of chemical cleaning agents. We advocate cleaning with the help of probiotics, which in turn is a new method in which a lasting cleaning effect is achieved because so-called post-biotics such as various enzymes are produced on site. In our case, QPS-certified bacteria are applied to the surfaces, which then multiply and settle on them. We work with bacteria to restore the balance of those in the living and working environment. Our probiotic cleaning agents are subject to the European Regulation (EU) No. 648/2004, and are also classified as safe and compliant with the EU Ecolabel standards, which have been set up by the EU Commission and various member states and have been tightened several times.

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