Animal. Our products live.

Our products live.

Animal contains special probiotic microorganisms. They are the secret of our products. Thanks to them, we can do without classic chemical agents. Each of our microbial species has special characteristics and abilities. A combination of different microbial strains results in the optimal product for every area of application. The effects have been extensively researched, scientifically proven and tested by doctors and experts.

Our products protect your animal.

You love your animal You give him a name and take care of your little or big friend every day. You think about species-appropriate husbandry and a healthy diet. We also love our animals. That's why we use Animal. Probiotic products for hygiene, for coat, hair and skin care, for cleaning baskets, blankets and toys or for removing unpleasant odors perfectly. Animal is free of chemicals that could burden your pet's immune system. Produced vegan and naturally developed without animal testing.

Animal. The best for our animals.